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“I wish I had written this in time, but I graduated two days ago on Tuesday, June 9 at approximately 12:30!!!! I’m officially (as Paul Fariss states) a Cave Spring Alumnus and now I’m officially a freshman at George Mason!!! AHHH I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! Now I can officially begin my college preparations and think about everything I want to bring for my dorm with Emma. :DDDDDD

So the graduation itself was surprisingly very touching. I started with my morning with breakfast at Famous Anthony’s with Lauren. We left around 8:30 and had a nice hour to relax before our big ceremony. We got our waitress to take a picture of us in our dresses hehe. Lauren was like, “I like your dress! I like your purse!…Stop being so pretty” haha. We were freaking out about how we can’t take our phones or purses into graduation with us and we were like “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO” and then Lauren was like “it wouldn’t be as big of a problem if your purse wasn’t so nice.” :) On our way out of Famous A’s we saw Jordan and his dad. It was very awkward. It wouldn’t have been so weird if Jordan had been nicer and smiled to see us or at least pretended that he was nice. :/ His dad even talked to us more than he did. WTF? I still hold a grudge against that family because they only gave me $40 to cover driving him back to school from Burton, um how many times? THE WHOLE YEAR. Oh well, high school’s over. :D

So we drove to the Salem Civic Center after our yummy breakfast, and we got there around 10:15, but there were a lot of people already there. We waited forever in the back of the arena where the audience sat – close to an hour and 30 minutes. My feet started hurting because I was wearing my all-time favorite black heels. I gave Mrs. Manning and another teacher a hug, but I can’t remember who it was. :/ It wasn’t long that we had to start getting in line, and my name was on one of the signs! haha and most of the time we were there I listened to some juicy drama between Hillary and Catherine.”

Wooooooow this is sooo long ago.  I thought it wasn’t even worth posting, but whatever I still want to remember some of my graduation :) So I’ll just publish it with this.


GMU Orientation!!! and some other stuff

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I completed my orientation today, and it’s hard to put in words how exhausted I am! But I figured that I’ve stalled updating long enough, and I wanted to come back before I completely ditch this whole month. Seriously, I need to update more often because there is always so much I want to say but I’m always like “oh, I’ll put it on WordPress later…” which turns into days, then weeks, but hopefully not months.

Because I’m so tired right now, I just wanted to leave a “hey, I’m still here” comment and I’ll elaborate more about this and all other things later on. Until then, HAWAII HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ll be staying in Maui for 2.5 days and then at Honolulu for 2 days. I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Good Bye to Dance Team

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This is oh so super sad that I’m saying this, but I just had my official last get together with the dance team this past Friday :( Those girls I saw every Tuesday through Thursday were the reason that I liked high school so much, and they’re the reason I’m going to miss my high school years. Honestly, I can’t even think how my life would have been without being on the dance team. My four years would have no substance to it, and I’d probably have been spending most of my time doing nothing. The friendships I’ve created with the dance team are priceless, and I’m planning on keeping in touch with each and every one of them. They ARE my high school memories :D

Now the mushy part is over with haha. We went to Carrabba’s for dinner and invited Kristy to come with us. Of course, we had a cute and awesome waiter who was so caring and considerate just like the other one Lauren and I had when we went to see Hairspray in February. Sarah Iler spilled some water, and I got another cute waiter to come by and help us. They had these amazing dessert shot glasses, and I had some yummy Creme Brulee. After we finished our dinner, Kasia and Becca asked our waiter if we could take a picture with him. It was obviously a really fun dinner.

We went to Becca’s afterwards for a sleepover, and it was Joanne, Ann, Becca, April, Kenzie, Kasia, Sarah, Sara, Jacquelyn, and Gabby that made it for the night. Liz was at her cousins’s (?) graduation, Kylee went to Kendall’s birthday party, and Peyton just didn’t go. We watched 27 Dresses, which is my favorite movie now because I’m pretty much turning into the main girl when I’m older. Jacquleyn and Gabby came near the end of the movie because they just came back from their dance rehearsal. We played Apples to Apples, and by the time we were done playing Gabby had to go home. Then the rest of us went outside to look at the stars (aww!). It was all Becca’s idea, and we had a good little time just lying there together. Of course, Jacquelyn was too hyper to make it a serene mood, so that didn’t last too long for the most of us. Ann, Sarah, and Sara stayed behind though, and they had a nice time after we went inside.

Oh yeah, so totally irrelevant, but Becca and Jacquelyn made a song about me that night. It starts out with “She ain’t got no money in the pants” because that’s what I thought the lyrics were to a Step Up 2 song, then “Oh, man, Swiper no swiping,” because I said “Oh man” and that’s what it sounded like. I forgot the last part, but it was just hilarious and so embarrassing for me. Oh good times that I’ll never forget :)

Jacquelyn, April, and Joanne played Twister when we came inside, and it was so funny watching them trying to intertwine their arms and legs on the dots. Becca took some pictures, and she took one of me where I’m just lying on the couch, and I just look horrible. I hate you Becca. All the other ones were also of me digging up food and scarfing it down my mouth. I’ve had a lot of those lately haha.

After that we played Scategories for 3 rounds. It was pretty fun, but we were all getting kind of tired, especially me. HAHA then Becca got out her Dancing with the Stars DVD and she and April worked out their abs for a bit. Oh and April, Jacquelyn, and Joanne tried to scare the Sara(h)s and Ann while Becca filmed it, although it didn’t really work because none of them got scared. I was indifferent to everything that was happening right now and Kenzie was the only one laughing about it with me. Becca and the three that went to scare the girls played Family Feud, and I think that’s when I drifted off to sleep.

I think I was half asleep because I totally remember the whole scene, but I would have never done it if I was completely conscious. Joanne and Jacquelyn wanted to throw stuff at me, and when Jacquelyn threw a popcorn at me, I just exploded and I was like “Just stop it guys, GOSH. I’m just really tired so it’s really annoying. Just stop!” I’m laughing to myself even right now as I’m writing this. When Becca told me about it the next morning I couldn’t stop laughing about it. Oh goodness, the things that happen when Jacquelyn and I are together haha.

That pretty much wraps up the night. The next morning we just talked and had breakfast, and then I had to leave not long afterwards. It was really fun though, and I’m glad we had a final wrap up for the season. I’m going to miss those girls like mad.

I have so much other stuff to write about too! I’ve been way behind on writing about everything I’ve been doing lately. But I will get to them as soon as I have the time. I also need to get my graduation invitations done because I’m probably the last one to hand those out. haha

Tale as Old as Time…

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These few weeks have been so packed, I didn’t even get to fill in on some of the awesome things I’ve done. But right now I wanted to say how great it’s been to play the oboe in my last play for high school, Beauty and the Beast. Everyone is so good! Emily Smith is basically a Disney Princess, and I get so emotional every time she sings that I sometimes have a hard time playing my music. Honestly, I had expected more out of Jordan even though he is Maurice, but his frustrations on not getting the part for the beast or Gaston made me anticipate his performance. I’m kind of glad he didn’t get the part, because I think Paul and Travis are doing a great job. I can’t wait to see it for the last time tonight!

Oh yeah, I also had a little stressful situation during the process. I had a lot of English Horn parts, but I didn’t have a reed, and I ordered some from Star City Music, but they haven’t come in yet. So I frantically called around every music store in Roanoke, and none of them carry any English Horn reeds. Q was finally able to bring some of his wife’s reeds to me last night. So I basically practiced through my English Horn parts only once before the real show. I was definitely disappointed in my performance and my oboe reeds weren’t exactly cooperating with me either, but I’m going to get some new ones today for tonight’s show and for the concert.

After tonight’s show, I’ll be going to my last cast party. It’ll be so sad, but also so much fun! I’m so excited!

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