June 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

“I wish I had written this in time, but I graduated two days ago on Tuesday, June 9 at approximately 12:30!!!! I’m officially (as Paul Fariss states) a Cave Spring Alumnus and now I’m officially a freshman at George Mason!!! AHHH I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! Now I can officially begin my college preparations and think about everything I want to bring for my dorm with Emma. :DDDDDD

So the graduation itself was surprisingly very touching. I started with my morning with breakfast at Famous Anthony’s with Lauren. We left around 8:30 and had a nice hour to relax before our big ceremony. We got our waitress to take a picture of us in our dresses hehe. Lauren was like, “I like your dress! I like your purse!…Stop being so pretty” haha. We were freaking out about how we can’t take our phones or purses into graduation with us and we were like “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO” and then Lauren was like “it wouldn’t be as big of a problem if your purse wasn’t so nice.” :) On our way out of Famous A’s we saw Jordan and his dad. It was very awkward. It wouldn’t have been so weird if Jordan had been nicer and smiled to see us or at least pretended that he was nice. :/ His dad even talked to us more than he did. WTF? I still hold a grudge against that family because they only gave me $40 to cover driving him back to school from Burton, um how many times? THE WHOLE YEAR. Oh well, high school’s over. :D

So we drove to the Salem Civic Center after our yummy breakfast, and we got there around 10:15, but there were a lot of people already there. We waited forever in the back of the arena where the audience sat – close to an hour and 30 minutes. My feet started hurting because I was wearing my all-time favorite black heels. I gave Mrs. Manning and another teacher a hug, but I can’t remember who it was. :/ It wasn’t long that we had to start getting in line, and my name was on one of the signs! haha and most of the time we were there I listened to some juicy drama between Hillary and Catherine.”

Wooooooow this is sooo long ago.  I thought it wasn’t even worth posting, but whatever I still want to remember some of my graduation :) So I’ll just publish it with this.


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