June 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

OMG I can’t believe that I didn’t update just a few days ago, but yeah I just left HAWAII like a day and a half ago!!!!! It was unbelievably amazing and so much fuuuun. I was planning to write about some of it on my plane rides, but then I would have to either attach the paper to my journal or retype it up here and I was like, nahhh. So here I am now finally saying at least something about it. The last time I was on here I had just finished orientation, and let me tell you how awesome it was getting to know all these new people. Our Patriot Leader, Emily, was really nice, and she was persistent on telling us not to party too much and get our heads straight in college, which I found really surprising because she didn’t look quite the type to do that.

Ahh I can’t do this anymore, I’ve go to go shower and get up early again the next morning to go to Pittsburg, and then to Niagara Falls!!!! I’m freaking excited. :)


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