Tale as Old as Time…

May 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

These few weeks have been so packed, I didn’t even get to fill in on some of the awesome things I’ve done. But right now I wanted to say how great it’s been to play the oboe in my last play for high school, Beauty and the Beast. Everyone is so good! Emily Smith is basically a Disney Princess, and I get so emotional every time she sings that I sometimes have a hard time playing my music. Honestly, I had expected more out of Jordan even though he is Maurice, but his frustrations on not getting the part for the beast or Gaston made me anticipate his performance. I’m kind of glad he didn’t get the part, because I think Paul and Travis are doing a great job. I can’t wait to see it for the last time tonight!

Oh yeah, I also had a little stressful situation during the process. I had a lot of English Horn parts, but I didn’t have a reed, and I ordered some from Star City Music, but they haven’t come in yet. So I frantically called around every music store in Roanoke, and none of them carry any English Horn reeds. Q was finally able to bring some of his wife’s reeds to me last night. So I basically practiced through my English Horn parts only once before the real show. I was definitely disappointed in my performance and my oboe reeds weren’t exactly cooperating with me either, but I’m going to get some new ones today for tonight’s show and for the concert.

After tonight’s show, I’ll be going to my last cast party. It’ll be so sad, but also so much fun! I’m so excited!


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