D.C. Part 2

April 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

I was planning on practicing piano, but Mom is sleeping so I’m taking this perfect time to (attempt to) wrap up my trip about D.C.! So I updated the first time before we went out on Saturday, which means that we didn’t exactly follow through the plans I wrote out for the day.

We did go to the Asian buffet as Auntie Jing had said, which was fantastic! It was about 10 minutes away from Vienna, and not far from Fairfax, so I’m planning on going again sometime next year. ;) It’s called Todai, and its focus was variations of sushi and salads. Their green tea ice cream was also to die for. Each time I was full, I would eat that ice cream and then I was able to eat more. It was so bad! Good thing I had worked out a little bit before that. Oh, and I thought that I would gain weight from this weekend, but it turns out that I’m 125 lbs. which is 4 less than when I went to the doctor! I hope to be 119 by Prom. Helen treated us for our meal, so I said, “Should I be the one treating everyone tonight?” I felt so young being pampered like this! Ok back to the buffet. There were also other main dishes that you would find at any other restaurant, so I didn’t get much of that. They had fresh stir-fry and omg, fresh made crepes! Auntie Jing got one for us to share and it was heavenly. We spent about 2 hours at Todai because it was just that good!

After that, we decided to go shopping instead of going to downtown D.C. because of the rain, and then go sight seeing on Sunday. I was kind of upset because I was wearing this really cute plum dress I bought from American Eagle and I was planning on taking pictures with it. But then I figured that it would still look sluggish with the weather, so I changed into jeans and planned on wearing it for Sunday.

OMG SHOPPING WAS AWESOME! We went to Leesburg Premium Outlet Mall, which was about 45 minutes away, so I had a nice nap in the car. I had about $100 from my birthday, and I was thinking about going shopping here during break, but no way was I going to hold back now that we were in Leesburg. Sunday night when we came back, I counted my purchases, and it turns out that I went to 7 stores and bought 16 items, with a total of about $290 (This includes going to H&M on Sunday). That’s about $17 for each clothing item I bought. But they were all brand stores, and I was totally excited about everything I got.

First I went to Juicy Couture, but I don’t think their style matches mine. Lacoste was where I started my splurging. I got a black and gray striped hoodie for about $44. There was a really cute employee there. He wore a white polo and was helping out with the dressing rooms. I wasn’t sure if he was gay or not, but hellooo cutie! I was really determined to buy some shoes there, but I ended up just buying clothes. This happened when I went to G.H. Bass, where I found really cute flip flops, but I wasn’t going to spend $30 on just one pair. However, I did find an oh-so-cute coral dress for $21! I remember finding a fancy coral dress at The Limited last year and I really wanted it, but it was $70, so I passed up that lovely dress. But I’m just as happy getting this one because it’s more casual so I can wear it more often. Then I got another dress at Anne Klein, along with an orange beaded top. The dress is black, and it covers well in the front, with a nice v-shaped back. I’m positive that this is going to be my graduation dress! I have another one but it’s pretty low-cut in the front, so now I don’t have to worry about that with the one I just bought. The funny thing is that the dress was cheaper than the orange top. I still like both though. If I remember correctly, I went to J. Crew and I bought a bunch of cute basics. I got a new white denim skirt, because the one I got in China is getting a little short. I also got a pair of dark brown twill shorts, a pink scoop neck tee, a blue v-neck tee, and a gray and white striped cardigan that I can wear for the summer. Yeah, I found out Sunday night that all I got at J. Crew were very bland, but I needed that stuff for my wardrobe. I headed over to Calvin Klein and bought a really cute graphic tee. It’s pink and gray graphics, and I just love it. :D I got a preferred member card there, so that if I were to shopping in the future at a Calvin Klein store (aka in the fall), I can use that card, and for every $500 I spend there I’ll get $50 back. Woot!

Oh yeah, and this whole time I was shopping, I went alone while Auntie Jing, Cutie, and Helen went to other places. I bumped into them at J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, and CK, but I continued with my own shopping spree. I looked around at BCBG because they told me that they had really cute dresses, but I think I had enough dress-browsing for the day. So I went over to Ann Taylor, and I got four new things. :/ I got a blue medium-sleeved knit top that would probably make me look like a mature college student, so if I ever get that job at Hotel Roanoke, I can wear it for that. I also got a pink knit tank top, which is simply love! I’ve also been looking everywhere for a light-weight white jacket, but I couldn’t seem to find one at any store that would fit my body. I did find a nice white sweater that I can casually pull over for that autumn breeze. The top I found at Anne Klein is a white tee with a yellow flower and black accents on it. The second I saw it, I thought “tee from CK.” I usually wear really basic or structured styles, so I think I’ve loosened up a lot lately. It’s really cute, and I’m looking forward to wearing it!

So that was all the shopping I got accomplished in 5 hours. I think that’s pretty impressive, if you ask me. It was exactly 9:00 when we got in the car. We decided that we should get something small to eat, so we headed to the Great Wall Asian supermarket to buy food for our anticipated hot pot dinner. I called Mom and bought dried tofu, a bunch of Chinese vegetables, and fried bread to bring home. When we got back to Helen’s we were so tired-out that we just settled on having wonton soup and saved the hot-pot for the next morning. Helen got 7 PAIRS OF SHOES! Most of them were from Nine West, so I punched myself on the inside for not going there. All of her heels were so cute! I’m definitely going to Nine West next time I want to find heels.

This was all Saturday, and I still have one more day to go! But I really have to go practice my piano now because I have a lesson at 3:15, and the recital is in two weeks. Eek! A break is also much needed from elaborating from my awesome weekend. :)


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