In D.C.!

April 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

I just woke up a few minutes ago, and I’m in D.C. with Auntie Jing right now! We are staying in Helen’s, her former UVA classmate and Cathy Ren’s cousin, townhouse, and we picked up her other friend, Cutie who flew from Wyoming, at the Dulles Airport last night. It’s so amazing just hanging out with all these girls who have already graduated or have jobs now. When we were driving around last night, I was just thinking, “Barely anyone my age gets this kind of opportunity, to be going to D.C. by myself with people I just met.” It’s pretty awesome.

Auntie Jing came yesterday and we left around 2:30. I drove most of the time, but it wasn’t that bad. We talked the whole way I was driving, and then I took a 30 minute nap. We picked up Cutie, and then we went to this Chinese restaurant which sells spicy food as their specialty. It was DELICIOUS! Let’s see, there was the clear noodles with saurkraut, spicy fish cooked in oil, fried chicken cooked in oil, spicy eggplant, and beef cooked in oil. It was a little overwhelming having only spicy food, but it was SOO good. I had to do crunches last night to make myself feel better hahaha.

After dinner, we went to Helen’s townhouse to pick her up, and we went out for a bit. We passed by George Mason University, which I think came to be a bit dissappointing to Auntie Jing, but we didn’t really get to see much of the campus and it was at night, so it was hard to judge. I’m so excited I’m going back next Sunday though! The whole time we were driving into D.C., I was so excited just to say that I’m going to be able to come here anytime I want next year! Auntie wanted to see the White House, and it took forever to find it, because the GPS was too specific so it told us to go straight into the White House driveway. I was the first one that saw it, but Auntie had missed it every time it was visible, so we spent about a good 30 minutes just driving around the same block to catch a glimpse of it. And the expected reaction came when she finally saw it: she was not excited or impressed at all. It was kind of funny because we passed by Capital Hill, and she thought that was the White House, so she got all excited, but we were like nope, that’s not it. She wouldn’t leave D.C. until she saw the White House, so it was a big chunk of time that we could have used to…sleep? I don’t know haha.

We went to CVS afterwards to buy some tummy relieving med for Cutie, and then we finally got home at around 12:30. I was so exhausted! But of course, I had to check my usual, the email, weather, and I had to do those crunches. Now I’m starving! I can’t wait for breakfast this morning, because we’re going to this huge buffet, and it’s going to be amazing!!!

On our way to D.C., I was talking to Auntie about my rejection from UVA and how happy I am now that I didn’t get in, because I would basically be forced to go there. She said how if I really did get in, I probably wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. And that’s so true! I can totally see my life here at George Mason, and maybe even afterwards. UVA is just too cooped up for me, and I can’t ever possibly let that be my life, like what is now in Roanoke. AHH I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT GEORGE MASON!!! haha this trip just gets me more excited about living here starting in 5 months. WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!


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